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Seed - a game that will go beyond traditional MMORPGs by setting new standards for AIs, story lines and in-game communication in an exciting sci-fi world.

Be sure to pay the official Seed website a visit.

View from the machine pit in tube central (in-game screenshot)

To be human means reaching for the stars. Doing what it takes to get there. And never letting go.

Seed invites you to experience life as a marooned colonist on the planet Da Vinci, a green desert teeming with hostile, alien bacteria. The colony is in dire straits: Contact with Earth has been lost for decades. The terraforming has gone astray, and nobody understands why. The swelling numbers of the colony are still confined to the original settlement with little hope of more space. Resources are strained to the limit. Something has to be done - and soon - or the promised future will turn into a lost dream.

Exploring a side corridor in tube central (in-game screenshot)

You must face the challenges of Da Vinci: Chronic overpopulation, lurking cabin fever, hidden conflicts and dwindling faith on the inside. Violent, unpredictable weather and alien bacteria hungry for human hosts outside. Your weapons are knowledge, cooperation and willpower. Your legacy is intelligence, humanism, ambition, science. Will you throw it away to survive?

Explore the human condition and decide the fate of Da Vinci through a multitude of roles, each with its own unique story line. Fight to keep the failing machinery running. Crack scientific riddles to unlock new knowledge. Keep the web of information flowing in the colony. Join the political struggle and make yourself heard. Or survive the fringes of society as a drop-out.

Greenery and info screens in tube central

Seed features:

  • Immersive roleplay in a persistent game world
  • In-game dynamic dialogue. Your actions and emotes affects NPCs as well as players.
  • Believable NPCs with own personalities, goals, motivations and relationships.
  • 3D graphics in unique graphic novel style.
  • Mutable reality. Your actions impact and change the game world.
  • Interactive stories. No set stories or generic quests. Any object, any person, any location can be the starting point of a new story line. Every story can interact with any other story line.
  • Developer-supported community portal.
  • New content released on a regular basis.

Currently aimed for the PC platform, online only.

Waiting for the tube to arrive (in-game screenshot)
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